LibreOffice Courses

LibreOffice Courses

Web training materials and videoguides.

What is VersoLibO

VersoLibO is a collection of web accessed training materials and video guides explicitly designed for those about to undertake a transition to LibreOffice. Our decade of experience in the field of migration projects has enabled us to create VersoLibO as a support tool for users facing this change.

VersoLibO is currently available in English, Italian and German.



VersoLibO was a sponsor of the LibreOffice 2015 conference
Aahrus Denmark 23-25 Sept 2015

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We are giving our Writer beginner courses for free


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Presentation of Writer
Starting up Writer
The toolbars
The sidebar
Using the zoom
How to create a new document
How to save a document
Different view types
Use of the help functions
How to enter text
How to modify copy and paste text
Find and replace
Formatting characters
Formatting paragraphs
Formatting the page
The tables
Drawings images graphs
Exporting as PDF format
Mail merge
Importing objects
Hypertext links
Mathematical formulas

Our courses

Our training materials are a result of our decade of direct experience on the field and are based on recommendations of users involved in migration processes.

We offer Beginner and Differences courses.

Beginner, for new LibreOffice users

Differences, focusing on differences to Miscrosoft Office

Beginner Courses

71 videos - 274 minutes total time, for users approaching the LibreOffice suite for the first time and requiring basic functions of LibreOffice.

  • Writer beginner * (23 videos)
  • Calc beginner (27 videos)
  • Impress beginner (14 videos)
  • Draw beginner (7 videos)

* we are giving the Writer beginner courses for free, watch them on line, click here.

Differences to Office 2003

39 videos - 175 minutes total time, for users aiming to quickly convert their Microsoft Office 2003© skills to LibreOffice.

  • General: best practices to interact with Microsoft Office users (7 videos)
  • Writer: differences and similarities with Microsoft Word (12 videos)
  • Calc: differences and similarities with Microsoft Excel (9 videos)
  • Impress: differences and similarities with Microsoft Powerpoint (11 videos)

Differences to Office 2010

39 videos - 175 minutes total time, for users aiming to quickly convert their Microsoft Office 2003© skills to LibreOffice. It features the same videos as the Office 2003 Differences course.

Our courses are available for LibreOffice 5.0 (English, Italian, German) and also for LibreOffice 4.4 (English) and 4.3 (Italian).

Our courses are available in SCORM and mp4 format or can be accessed via web.

Mircosoft Office is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Brands, logos and any other distinguishing marks belong to their respective owners.

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